I believe in a price that's fair and competitive, and not subject to change. I charge $1,000 for an event.

First, a word on how I do my pricing. I don't do it in a way similar to other wedding DJ's in the Huntsville, AL area: I don't package price.

There are a few reasons that I don't do this. The first one being I don't believe that anyone should be charged extra for a complete experience they want on a day that only comes once in their lives. I feel like as someone who is looking for a DJ for your event, it shouldn't make a difference if you want access to microphones for speeches, dance floor lighting, master of ceremony duties, etc. when it comes to price. Secondly, I see this as something that drives up price based on my research on other local dj's in the Huntsville area-- and that's something I want to avoid.

For that price you're going to get:
  • QSC Speaker and Subwoofer System (Thousands of Watts of Power, Incredible Sound)
  • MBT Lighting Rig
  • Customized Mixes- You can count on having a musical experience that will be unique and tailored to your tastes and preferences!
  • Thousands of Songs in All Music Genres.
  • Announcement of the Wedding Party and all Reception Events.
  • Unlimited Play Time- If you don't believe there should be a time limit on your special night, then neither do I. I'll keep the entertainment and celebrations going as long as you'd like. No upcharges.
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Reception Planning Guide.
  • Assistance with Reception Timeline.
  • Planning Consultations Prior to Event.
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